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Oficina espaciosa
Consultora rural y urbana

Albelia Consultant

We are Albelia Consultora and our objective

is to offer solutions when preparing and evaluating  social plans and projects through our technical support. 

 We started in 1996.  We founded Albelia in 2004, since then we have accumulated extensive professional experience in the social area.

We invite you to learn about and contract the experience of ALBELIA CONSULTORA 

Let's start working today.

Last projects

Last News

We put at your disposal the ecosocial project, especially oriented to the rural environment as an initiative to attract population to more depopulated municipalities. 

Project: ©"Meet (name of your municipality)  through its unique trees"


Eco-responsible company 

Albelia Consultora is characterized by its commitment to the environment. A commitment that is not only formal but also practical and effective that we carry into our daily work practice.

Since 2004:

  1. We are characterized bytelecommuting and we have a lights-out policy, adjusting our workday to the natural light of the seasons as much as possible.

  2. Our light bulbs are all low consumption.

  3. Our windows have term bridge break.

  4. In winter the heating is graduated around 18º Celsius.

  5. Our office material, such as stationery, is recycled and reusable, with chlorine-free paper.

  6. Printer ink cartridges that remain empty, are not thrown away, are reused or recycled.

  7. Printers are only turned on when they are to be used. Nothing else.

  8. We do not use photocopiers, we use a scanner, which only turns on when it is going to be used.

  9. Our computers are labeled “Energy Efficient” that use 40% less electricity in sleep mode.

  10. At the end of the day, nothing remains on stand-by.

These practices are small gestures applied by Albelia Consultora  since 2004 to contribute to the environmental care of our Planet.
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